Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hawkes Bay fires

WALT make connections across several texts
Before reading
Think back to last week’s Hawke’s Bay fires. What do you remember?
Mr M’s example:
I first heard about the fire in the staff meeting. As I left work later that day, something seemed different in the air. As I got home I could smell the fire. It was closer and bigger than I realised. Then I started to hear more and more about it.  I always look at those fire danger signs and now I was reminded how real the danger is.

My connection: (where you were and what you saw or heard about it)
The first thing I knew that there was a fire because I heard sirens which were really really  loud. And then we looked out the car window  and we saw two fire trucks. We followed the fire trucks and then lost them.

First reading
Read the article and discuss the pictures with a buddy. Paste your favourite picture from the article of the fire’s impact below. Describe what the photo shows in your own words.
The photo shows... The burnt hills from the fire that happened on Monday.

Second reading

We need to understand the words to make connections. Find the meanings of these three words from the title:
Meaning (in your own words - not copy paste)
Generosity, means that you do something kind for somebody else.
Gratitude means that you are thankful for something somebody has done for you.
Greif means you worry and care about something that you like.

Describe what happens to these people during the fire.
What happened (in your own words - not copy paste)
Doug Lowe
Doug Lowe dialed 111 when the Waimarama fire happened. He said that he could see the smoke going through the trees surrounding them. The fire trucks came when the wind picked up.
Ali McEwan
Ali McEwan had escaped with her three kids on Waimarama road on Monday. She said it was a miracle that the fire trucks saved her house.
Guy Gemmill
Guy Gemmill’s house was now a pile of broken glass, scorched wood and charred roof he had lost his home. He had no clothes except the ones he was wearing and he had lost everything.

After reading
Why do you think firefighters are so important?
Firefighters are important because they put out fires so that everything won’t be destroyed. They also save the planet from firebombs.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thank you letter

                                                                                           To, Sandy
Thank you for helping me get my clothes ready for when we went for bush walks, and helping me butter my toast. Also doing the washing, or we wouldn’t have clean clothes the next day.

I really appreciated you helping us with the amazing race when it took forever to shoot a goal and you gave us advice when we
 didn’t get a goal.                                                                  
IMG_20170309_113659.jpgOnce again, thank you.

Yours sincerely,