Friday, May 5, 2017

Cyclone cook

Cyclone Cook
Staying at my Aunty’s house or the night we didn't know what we were in 8.00 pm there was an awful storm formed, from a light wind to a heavy cyclone cook that made her fence wiggle like a worm. The fence got worse be the minute. “Stay here” she said “While I go and fix the fence”.
I stayed there for a few minutes and then she came inside and said that she had fixed the fence. She sat down and put her feet up, “Oh I missed Mrs Brown Boys!”

“It’s okay” I said to her to cheer her up. We continued watching the television and then we heard a  “Tip,tap,tip,tap” it was the leftover rain collecting it on her wheelbarrow. She swapped it with a plastic bucket, then turned out the lights and went to bed.


  1. Good work Christina!!! I love you cyclone cook story it sounds relay bad that the fence fell down.