Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Quick write

In the toy cupboard
It's dark.
I’m a toy rabbit, old and tatty, locked in the toy cupboard. Squashed and squished up in a dark cupboard that nobody ever goes in any more. I used to be loved by a little girl who cared for me, but then I ended up in here and I am going to tell you the story of my life. A little girl used me to travel, I was her travelling toy and we traveled the world trying different foods and speaking different languages. But one day the girl had her 8th birthday and she got lots of lovely teddies and her parents said that they have to throw me out because I was too old for her now, and they threw me away.
A little boy found me and he took me home and I was a sleeping teddy for quite a long time, had I found my forever home?
Then the boy got a very bad virus that he could die from and the nurse said to throw me out because I had a thing called “Bacteria”. They took me to the little charity store down the road and a man pinned a tag to my bent ear saying little bunny $2.
A few days later a teddy bear collector bought me (I don’t think I am a teddy bear) and he took me home and put me in his collection. All squashed up with other teddies doing nothing, just sitting there staring at posters. A few years later the collector died and his family was sorting through his collection and his youngest niece found me. But she didn’t like me she bounced on me like I was a trampoline and she pulled my ears like she was playing tug of war with the strongest man in the world
But the worst thing she did to me was stick bubblegum in my tail and pretended that I can eat ice cream. When she turned 18 she washed me with lovely washing powder and then locked me in the cupboard with all the other toys she threatened in her child years. All I want now is for somebody to love me, or take me to the teddy bear hospital at least.
The end.

Little ocean
I have a little ocean in my brain, it sucks up all the bad memories and the salty tears. My little ocean helps me make decisions for what to do. There are sea animals in my ocean that help me speak the words I have to say. My ocean is calm when I am asleep and is rough when I am angry. Little waves carry starfish to the shore when I am sad. Seagulls eat the fish when I am ungrateful. But happy times bring whales to the surface of the water to breathe. Nobody can see my little ocean not even me, I can not hear my little ocean even when the seagulls are squawking at the tops of their voices. But my little ocean is there, no matter how big or small it is, it's there, no matter who lives there, it's there.


  1. I love your quike write it looks like you put a lot of effort into your writing keep up the great work. :)

  2. Wow Christina!That was amazing!I especially love love loved the "little ocean"One.They were so e and I had the feeling that I could sit there all day and read it over and over and over!They were so detailed and I loved the words you used.Keep up the awesome writing!!!