Friday, April 7, 2017

Wellington Writing

Purpose: to inform
WALT describe with clear and interesting details
Success Criteria
  • Quick plan to prepare for the writing task (brainstorm with words or ideas)
  • Interesting beginning and ending
  • Using the senses (see, touch, hear, smell)
  • Includes strong descriptive words (adjectives)
  • Uses the present tense
Examples: Bamboo Forest / Scene Description by Dylan / Scene Description by Sophia
Writing Task: Describing a special place in Hawke’s Bay

File:Wellington at dawn.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


As we come out of Victoria tunnel to Wellington, it was rush hour and everybody was coming home from my future destination. Suddenly l started to see people and then l started to see more and more. I could smell the fumes, I could hear the chatter and my palms were heating up as if they were in a electric hand dryer because I was so nervous. I opened up the glove box and pulled out an old map and carefully unfolded it making sure it wouldn’t rip, on the map it had lots of different complicated places that were hard to pronounce but the street that caught my eye was Cuba street,  it was a long one-way street with lots of fancy shops. I wound down the window for fresh air and looked up and saw electric cables connecting to the tall buildings that looked like they reached up to space. Then we suddenly stopped we were in a  traffic-jam, it was dinnertime and everybody was going out to get their dinner from Mcdonald's and other junk food stuff. When we were out of the traffic-jam we whizzed passed Te Papa museum, I turned the radio on and in an instant I heard the nice sound of music. We started winding up a steep hill and turning sharp edged corners it felt like I was in a roller coater. Finally we reached the top of the hill and walked up some stairs and made it up to Victoria lookout  and saw the view of Wellington, it was amazing. As I was walking down the stairs and had one final look at the view and murmured goodbye. Through the busy traffic to the hotel, I never in a thousand years want to leave Wellington.                                             


  1. great job Christina I felt like I was there.

  2. great job Christina I felt like I was there.

  3. really really good job I love I felt like I was right there