Saturday, July 29, 2017

Holiday pay

Name of problem: Holiday pay
Describe the problem: You would get $60 of holiday pocket money and you spent ¾ on toys and ⅓ was left on lollies. Then you bought 2 pies $2 each so altogether $4.
How much money is there left to save?
What fraction of pocket money is left?
These are the strategies and knowledge I used to solve the problem.
(add more bullet points for each step)

  1. First I halved the 60 and then I got 30, so I halved that too and then I came to fifteen, but I can’t half the fifteen because it is an odd number.
  2. Next I did ¾ -⅓ = ½ (I am not sure if it’s right).
  3. Then I did 30-4=26 and half of 26 is 13 and (this is so wrong) I thought half of 13 was 6/7, I thought it was the answer.
  4. I showed the teacher and Mr Blakey said it was wrong so Mr Blakey helped us and we used the fake money he told us how to take away fractions.
  5. Our answer was 6.
Describe how you used 2 learning muscles:  
I used my imitation muscle when I was doing ¾ -⅓ = ½ because Lauryn thought it was 2/1 but then I told her it was ½ because the biggest number is always at the bottom.
Making Links
I used the making links muscle with my subtraction for taking away the money.
Photo of the task:


Friday, July 28, 2017


It’s cold,
It’s really foggy,

It’s so cold that,
A blanket of snow covers the mountains,
Frostbitten playground equipment the is too slippery to play on,
Walk on the grass and you see tints of ice stuck in between the blades.

It’s wet,

It’s so cold that,
If you try to lick the ice, your tongue gets numb and it stings,
The trees are bare with no leaves,
Cockroaches are happy because the wood is damp.

It’s chilly,

Families gather be the fire to keep warm,
The roast wants to stay in the oven,
The clothes want to stay in the dryer.
Will winter ever end?
Christina Antonio


Thursday, July 27, 2017

The NEW and improved...

The NEW and improved, Ariana grande 
Spot the difference

Image result for ariana grande with cat ears                   

The NEW  and improved, Hermione Granger
Spot the difference

Image result for hermione granger                             

    The NEW and improved, Elsa
Spot the difference

Image result for elsa

The NEW and improved, Micheal Jackson
Spot the difference

Image result for michael jackson hat                                                            

The NEW and improved, lady gaga
Spot the difference 

Image result for lady gaga long blonde hair                                                                

The NEW and improved, Sia
Spot the difference

Image result for sia hat


The NEW and improved, Cinderella
Spot the difference

Image result for cinderella               

The NEW and improved, Rosie and Sophia Grace  
Spot the difference

Image result for sophia grace and rosie                                         

The NEW and improved, Jojo Siwa
Spot the difference

Image result for jojo siwa                                     


The NEW and improved,  Miley Cyrus 
Spot the difference

Image result for miley cyrus malibu                                                   


The NEW and improved, Noah Cyrus
Spot the difference

Image result for noah cyrus ponytail

The NEW and improved, Katy Perry (bon appetit)
Spot the difference
Image result for katy perry bon appetit                                                   

    The NEW and improved, Taylor Swift 
Spot the difference

Taylor Swift Hairstyles: Natutal Straight Layered Haircut       

                                                          Thank you for viewing this blogpost
If you have any more requests for celebrities/famous people for Sadie to dress up as, please comment down below.
Comment your favorite picture of Sadie.

 Special thanks to...
Christina Antonio - Makeup artist - photographer - Blogger
Camryn Jackson - Hair stylist 
Sadie Matich - Model
Naomi Apatu, Nixie Buchanan - Assistant Models

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sea monkeys Day 9

Sea monkeys Day 9
We saw lots of sea monkeys. We saw one with a long tail and one that was really big, which I think was the oldest ones. We have seen a few ones that have just hatched. WE have seen a few red ones and we don't know why?
Mr Cooper wants me to bring the sea monkeys in to class for show and tell.

Here are some photos of them after feeding time.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sea monkeys Day 8

Sea monkeys Day 8
We saw lots of sea monkeys growing in the tank but only in the tank we bought. Mum thinks it was a the sea monkeys eggs we did on day 1 and so do I. We saw 8-10 sea monkeys today and will probably see even more tomorrow!
 I am really excited because it might work, or will they go fail like my other ones did????


Sea monkeys Day 7

Sea Monkeys Day 7
I had to skip again because Day 7 is way more interesting than Days 4, 5, 6 because we made some changes! We discovered the ones we bought were useless so we went to Pet essentials and bought some frozen brine shrimp eggs for $10 (on special) so we bought them and put them in our old tank and then accelerated them. But we also made 2 extra D.I.Y tanks out of the famous peanut butter jar and the Jam jar and we did the same. We were surprised how much eggs came in the pack (About A zillion) so we saved them for later because we only used quarter of the pack and there is still a gazillion more left. I knew these would definitely work because second chance is always the best chance (I don't get the saying but if a say it more I will probably get it.)  Come back tomorrow to catch up on the sea monkeys and I promise you I won't skip.

Sea monkeys 3

Sea monkeys Day 3
Sorry I skipped Day 2 because nothing happened but we still accelerate (accelerate means mix the air and the water for oxygen) it out!
Today we saw something that we thought was a baby sea monkey if it was we might find out tomorrow to see if we are right...

Sea monkeys Day 1

Day 1 of Sea Monkeys.
We went to toy world and bought some Sea monkeys for $30, you can have the choice between sea monkeys or sea dragons. You can also call sea monkeys brine shrimp. It takes up to five days for them to hatch and then turn into sea monkeys and then you have to feed them. The food and eggs come with the pack so you won't have to worry about buying them separately. You need the temperature 26 degrees not higher or lower or they can take up to 7 days to hatch.
So we poured in the bottled water and the water salt thing that came with the pack and poured that in too and then we waited and waited for 24 hours. With the turkey baster we aired out the tank and then we put the eggs in and waited for five days but nothing happened...

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Imaginary blog post world adventure 2


The soft sound of paddling wakes me up, and I rub my eyes. For the first few minutes I don't know where I am until I see that I am in a gondola (An Italian boat). I look to my side and I see all the houses mushed together and people walking instead of using cars. "Non posso credere di essere a Venezia!" (I can't believe I am in Venice!) I screamed, and once again I was speaking another language, Italian is a tiny bit like french but uses lots of Zs... I didn't know what time of the day it was so I asked the gondolieri what time it is and he said "le quattro" which meant 4 o' clock.

 At half past four I got off the gondola and I went out for dinner and had some spaghetti Bolognese and some pizza and for dessert I had, ohh it's too good to talk about, but I had some amazing Tiramisu, (look it up on google and you will be hungry for days!) I felt like seconds but I felt too greedy to ask. "Vorrei ringraziarvi per l'incredibile Tiramisu, mi è piaciuto!" (I'd like to thank you for the amazing Tiramisu, I loved it!) I said to the waiter. I had nowhere to stay for the night. 

It's like something good happens and then darkness overcomes you, and it's really horrible you know! I was walking down the streets of Italy until I came to a hotel with vacancy so I knocked on the door and an elderly woman walked out and welcomed me in and she showed me my room for the night and where I can access food. "Grazie" I said (Thank you) and closed the door and flopped on my bed head first, and I could feel the coldness of the mattress.
 I stood up and I saw a cress in the blanket and straightened it up and then fixed a smile on my face. 
It was now 7 o'clock and I felt like going to bed early because the dessert had just been amazing and it made me sleepy because the caramel. I closed my eyes and I fell into a deep sleep...

To be continued...

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Imaginary blog post world adventures 1

My adventures will be trekking around the world and so will my blog...

Eiffel tower adventure.
"I'm so bored!" I said lying on my bed looking at the blank wall. "Go in the cupboard and look at my traveling photos mum yelled back. "Ehh" I groaned back, feeling cramped with a slight headache. I opened the cupboard and bought out the first book, it was a creamish colour with light purple patterns, and in the middle there was a picture of the Eiffel tower at night time with all the pretty lights. I held it up to my nose and smelt it, it was an old mustardy smell like it hadn't been read in ages. I opened the first page and it was a photo of my mum in Paris with my dad, the date was 2000, I rubbed my finger over the photo, it felt smooth, I felt relaxed, I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep... 

Suddenly I woke up, I smelt vanilla straight away I knew I was in Paris. I rushed to my shutters and opened them and then I could see the wonderful view of Paris, I stared at it for like, 10 minutes and then I rushed out the door with my adventure bag. Running downstairs to the kitchen to get my breakfast I could get a little picture in my head of what was in the kitchen, croissants with jam and butter, and coffee and tea. One of the smells I recognized was the coffee bean smell, so I knew there was coffee, then there was another smell, one that I had never smelt before, it had a fishy smell and I felt like I was going to throw up. In the kitchen I knew what the smell was it was Sea snails, the sea snails weren't moving or anything but they were still really disgusting. "I'll stick to the croissant and the tea please." I said. But instead of English coming out of my mouth it was french so in french I said "Je vais coller le croissant et le thé s'il vous plaît." I had an amazing breakfast and it fulled me up so I went outside and had some fresh air "C'est tellement merveilleux" I shouted, which meant "It's so wonderful" in English.

The thing I wanted to do first was climb the Eiffel tower of course. I got to the ticket line, well it wasn't really a line it was a few people who wanted to experience the same as me. I got my ticket and I ran up the first few stairs, then I got tired so l decided to walk. "704 escaliers à parcourir" I sighed, which meant "704 more steps to go". When I was at the top I looked at the amazing view for half an hour and a drew a map of Paris to keep for when I go home. Speaking of home, how did I get here? When will I go back? I started to panic "Oh mon Dieu" ("Which means oh my gosh" in English). I went down the elevator this time because the stairs were too tiring,"Ne paniquez pas, ne paniquez pas" I told myself (Which means "Don't panic, don't panic" in English).

It was getting dark and I was now really calm, so I went out to get some dinner, I had a nice ratatouille (Remember that cartoon? It was made by a Parisian rat) and to finish that off I had some Profiteroles (fancy word for yummy Christmas tree looking dessert made of marshmallows). Then I sat down looking at my map where should I go tomorrow?
Anyway I tucked myself into bed and fell into a deep sleep...

To be continued...

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