Friday, September 9, 2016



Ceagles are half Cat and half Eagle, they are rare in some countries.
They are endangered species and they need protection, that's why they are mostly seen at zoos or as pets.
Their scientific name is Ceaglerific Birdicat Catiwatt.
This picture was taken 50 years ago because they are hard to tame and almost impossible to keep still.

Diet / What it eats
A Ceagle will eat... Worms, cat food and small land animals like for example Mice and rats, it also eats Giant African snails too. Did you know that one  Giant African snail can feed a family of eight for one whole month!
lt drinks water like all animals that live on land. It is also known to steal from bakeries and cafes nearby too but it will not eat fish.  

Habitat / Where it lives
Ceagles can live in the wild, and they can also live in busy towns and cities that have a lot of space to jump around in.
They can live in other people's houses as pets and they can be found in zoos too.
Ceagles are mostly found in hot countries like Africa, Egypt or maybe in really hot places in Australia too.
Ceagles can not climb trees, but they can swim which comes in handy round the corner!
Description  / What  it looks like
Ceagles can be any colours that cats can be but they will always have an Eagle’s head.
Ceagles will be about 50 centimeters tall and their average weight will be 10 pounds.  

Interesting facts
Did you know that Ceagles can be so loud that they can make you die?
One day a man was looking for a Ceagle at the pet shop and then a Ceagle just bounced out and scared him and he never looked for a pet again.  Eagles can have 100 babies a year, only if they are very determined and want to attend to that many babies!
Ceagles are known to frighten people that are scared of them because they can sense if they are scared of them and they will show off to them and they will think that you are frightened of them and that's how they know.  
Ceagles like loud noises of traffic or siriens.
The first Ceagle ever found was in Egypt, it was a Ceagle called Ma na and he was very tame until a lady found her and became famous. She died in 1985 and Ma na was looked after by a petting zoo and she died 9 years later and that's how Ceagles became.
The heaviest Ceagle was found in New Zealand called Lark who weighed 40 pounds! He died in 2013 of cancer.
The tallest Ceagle ever found was Lily the Ceagle who was from England and she grew 70 cm tall and weighed 10 pounds like an average Ceagle will weigh.
Ceagles can only see yellow,blue,black,white and grey because lighter colours scare the Ceagle and the Ceagle goes CRAZY!
Did you know that Male Ceagles are calmer than the Female Eagles.   

Ceagles are very mischievous and they are cheeky too, they like to go on top of things and have rests.
Ceagles like being up high on high things, they like to sleep and pruonce on things.

Now that I have explained about the Ceagle I hope you remember if you see one please keep away from it if it’s not calm.
If you want to see a Ceagle you can see them in zoos or if you live in a hot country and you live close to a zoo you are highly likely to see one.


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