Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Waka Writing

Waka Writing
I drew a big heart in the middle, with my Family as koru inside.
My Dad is the blue koru, my Mum is the pink koru, I am the red koru, my sister Lily is the purple koru, my other sister Eliana is the gold koru, and lastly my little brother Rico is the green koru.
The sideways K is a karate belt with three tips, because I am on white belt three tips.
I like Cats and they are my second best favourite animal.
Also I drew a bird in a tree because I like birds and I have two pet Budgies a white one called Snow White and a blue Budgie called Blueberry.
Since I love rollerblading so I drew some roller blades on the top left corner.
I did some footprints because I love animals.
My family is originally from China so I drew the Chinese flag with five yellow stars and a red background.
Waka art.JPG


  1. nice work ctina I love it you put lots of detail into your art

    from sadie

  2. very good you are way better than me