Friday, April 7, 2017

Save our streams and rivers!

To the editor,
Our streams and rivers are being polluted everyday.

Rivers are important because animals like fish, eels and ducks live in them. They will get polluted because people dump rubbish in rivers and when people cut down trees, they land in rivers and block the river from flowing.

Nobody likes drinking dirty water made out of dirt or sewage or eating fish that make them sick.

Cows are escaping from farms and cows are leaving their manure behind. Because of this people are telling farmers to build fences but the farmers are replying that they don’t have enough money to build fences.

Lots of people like doing swimming sports in stream and rivers and they won’t be able to do that anymore because the rivers are dirty. We should raise money to make a river cleaning club and check if the rivers are cleared every week.

From Christina,

From Parkvale school.

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