Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Quick Writes-The rainbow Feather cape.

Quick writes
Once there was a little budgie, he was a wild budgie and he lived in birdland in his birdhouse was be a very rich and greedy blackbird and his name was Morris. He was jealous of his dull black feathers and he wanted a different colour. So the budgie went to the house of Morris and told him ‘That you don’t need colourful feathers to look beautiful’, but Morris disagreed and flew off...The next day the little budgie had an idea, so he gathered his friends together and told them. His plan was to get some feathers that have fallen from other birds. So they all collected some feathers and gave them to budgie and he stayed up all night making his gift for blackbird. In the morning his gift was done so he flew to blackbirds and gave him his gift he tried it on and said it was beautiful and told to fly of without even thanking him. The next morning budgie went to blackbirds house and said to him ‘since I gave you your gift you must repay me so it’s even’. The blackbird said “I will not give you a gift even if you gave me one”, this time the budgie didn’t fly away like he normally did he he stood up for himself and said ‘Then when your gift disappears I will not give you a new one’ Morris agreed and budgie flew away. A few months later the budgie never visited blackbird anymore.but budgie asked one of his friends to go and check on blackbird and his gift to see how he was going. When budgie’s friend went to see blackbird he was weeping, he was holding something. Budgie’s friend asked him what was wrong. Blackbird said ‘my gift is broken and I want another one’. Just then budgie’s friend flew away.he reported back to budgie what had just happened. And budgie was proud but pleased that greedy Morris got his share. One day budgie fell ill and was taken away somewhere else and Morris got sad. Other birds thought that budgie was dead. But one day blackbird got some mail. It was from budgie it was the gift it was the same gift budgie gave him before.

It was a rainbow feather cape.

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