Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bully letter

Write a letter for all the teachers at Parkvale School to give to bullies to try to persuade them to stop bullying.

Your letter should:
  • Say why bullying is wrong
  • Give advice to bullies

Write your letter in the box below.
To all the teachers and bullies, at Parkvale school,

Bullying is bad, so people should stop bullying. Bullying isn’t when somebody hurts you for one day, it's where they keep on hurting you.
If you bully people they will feel very sad and then they might start bullying too, so don’t bully other people.
To stop bullying you can tell the bully to “Stop” very loudly or you can say “No” very loudly too. Also if somebody is bullying you, you can also just walk away.
Always remember the golden rule: “Treat other people how you want to be treated”.

From Christina Rimu Hub

Tell them what bullying is
How to stop Bullying
Why Bullying is bad
How other people fell to be bullied
Convince people to stop Bullying

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