Monday, June 19, 2017

Blueberry and Snow White

Blueberry and Snow white
These are my Budgies Snow White and Blueberry they are 7 months old and Blueberry was born on the 20th of August and Snow White was born on the 27th of August 2016.
It was a sunny afternoon and my Aunty and I were going to get my 6th and 7th budgies because the others that I had, had in the past few years have died. We normally get our Budgies from her friend Mike (Michael), he welcomed us with a friendly hello and let us in to tell how the neighbor's cat had let her go. He led us to the aviary and I got to choose from a cage with six birds in it there was three yellow Budgies and green Budgies and two blue Budgies and one white Budgie. I chose the white Budgie and one of the blue Budgies and we carefully put them in a temporary cage that Mike had generously gave to us and we went back inside and sat on the sofa. He asked me what I was going to call them so I replied ‘I will call the Blue Budgie Blueberry because he had a blue spot on his cheek (which was normal) that looked like a blueberry, and I called the white Budgie Snow white because she was all white (she is not an albino). So we took them home after a little snack and placed them in their new cage they wandered around at first because they weren’t used to it and then they clawed up onto a perch and up the ladder and they pecked at some seed which meant they liked it! After a few days they loved it and they wanted to come out for some training so I got out some training tools and trained them to go through a hoop and climb up ladders.

The story of my other birds.
First I had a bird named Tweety Bird she was a yellow Budgie and she had black eyes, as black as a button. She loved her her cage and she didn’t mind being put on somebody's shoulder. But one day she got sick and her eyes turned red like fire and she died the next day.
Second bird was called Gluestick he was yellow and green and he was fast and didn’t like to by taken out of his cage. But one day we put him outside in his cage for fresh air and he broke out of the cage and flew away.
We got another bird called Rocket he was just like Gluestick and he flew away too.
We got a new cage and a new bird, he was called Rio and he died a year later.
We wanted a change so we got a Canary we called her Blossom Polly and she was orange. But then one day at 5.00 am the cat tipped over the cage and she flew away.
Now we have Snow White and Blueberry left, but Blueberry died a few months after.
I hope Snow White doesn't die because my mum said they are going to be my last Birds because she is sick of then dying.


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