Monday, June 19, 2017

The brown kiwi

Open ...Writing a description: The Brown Kiwi

The kiwi is a flightless native bird found in New Zealand.
It is the national symbol of New Zealand.

Plump, Long sharp beak, brown fluffy figure, little wings.
New zealand bush, burrows, hollow trees.
Hu hu grubs, cicada shell, beetles, cockroaches.
Squaky annoying noise.
Possums, Ferrets (Weasels, Stoats), Dogs.

Success Criteria:
  • Interesting description that uses detailed vocabulary.
  • Description of appearance, habitat, diet, sound, threats to kiwi and its importance to New Zealand.

A kiwi is a flightless bird which has a long beak for pecking Hu Hu grubs and Insects from the ground and lives in hollow trees and burrows.

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