Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Imaginary blog post world adventure 2


The soft sound of paddling wakes me up, and I rub my eyes. For the first few minutes I don't know where I am until I see that I am in a gondola (An Italian boat). I look to my side and I see all the houses mushed together and people walking instead of using cars. "Non posso credere di essere a Venezia!" (I can't believe I am in Venice!) I screamed, and once again I was speaking another language, Italian is a tiny bit like french but uses lots of Zs... I didn't know what time of the day it was so I asked the gondolieri what time it is and he said "le quattro" which meant 4 o' clock.

 At half past four I got off the gondola and I went out for dinner and had some spaghetti Bolognese and some pizza and for dessert I had, ohh it's too good to talk about, but I had some amazing Tiramisu, (look it up on google and you will be hungry for days!) I felt like seconds but I felt too greedy to ask. "Vorrei ringraziarvi per l'incredibile Tiramisu, mi è piaciuto!" (I'd like to thank you for the amazing Tiramisu, I loved it!) I said to the waiter. I had nowhere to stay for the night. 

It's like something good happens and then darkness overcomes you, and it's really horrible you know! I was walking down the streets of Italy until I came to a hotel with vacancy so I knocked on the door and an elderly woman walked out and welcomed me in and she showed me my room for the night and where I can access food. "Grazie" I said (Thank you) and closed the door and flopped on my bed head first, and I could feel the coldness of the mattress.
 I stood up and I saw a cress in the blanket and straightened it up and then fixed a smile on my face. 
It was now 7 o'clock and I felt like going to bed early because the dessert had just been amazing and it made me sleepy because the caramel. I closed my eyes and I fell into a deep sleep...

To be continued...

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