Monday, July 24, 2017

Sea monkeys Day 7

Sea Monkeys Day 7
I had to skip again because Day 7 is way more interesting than Days 4, 5, 6 because we made some changes! We discovered the ones we bought were useless so we went to Pet essentials and bought some frozen brine shrimp eggs for $10 (on special) so we bought them and put them in our old tank and then accelerated them. But we also made 2 extra D.I.Y tanks out of the famous peanut butter jar and the Jam jar and we did the same. We were surprised how much eggs came in the pack (About A zillion) so we saved them for later because we only used quarter of the pack and there is still a gazillion more left. I knew these would definitely work because second chance is always the best chance (I don't get the saying but if a say it more I will probably get it.)  Come back tomorrow to catch up on the sea monkeys and I promise you I won't skip.

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