Friday, June 24, 2016

My Holiday

My holiday - Select a picture to explain.
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Oh No! The storm knoked the caravan over during the night.Queitly I tip toed to the kitchen in the up side down caravan, it was very squashed and it was very hard to get around because the rain fluded the kitchen. Slowly I walked into mum and dad’s room they were fast asleep very, very queitly I woke them, and told what was going on. When they woke up properly and got changed dad tried to lift up the caravan but it was too heavy, so we all helped and it was still too heavy. I thought for a while, ‘mabey we need to take a few things out’ I said to mum and dad so we can lift it up. So we spent half of the day taking things out of the caravan, after a while we tried to lift the caravan up again and it stood up, and we spent the rest of the day packing the stuff back in the caravan. Fainally it was six o clock it was time to go  back to our holiday but there was one problem were is our car?

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