Friday, June 24, 2016

Siberian tiger story

Moa Story
WALT recount/ retell  an interesting event.
The purpose of our story is to entertain, retell and inform.

Success Criteria:
Content & ideas
  • Hook in the reader at the start - hint of a problem
  • Create suspense- don’t give too much information- give clues
  • Sentence Formation
  • Write a variety of sentence starters and vary the lengths of sentences to create excitement.
  • I use interesting verbs and describing words.
  • I choose words suitable to the topic
  • Introduction - setting (time, weather, place etc), character/s
  • Middle - problem
  • Conclusion (ending)
  • One paragraph for one idea and detail about the one idea.
  • I write most essential list words accurately - no sloppy mistakes.
  • I use basic punctuation correctly        
  • . , ! ? “ “
  • I am proofreading and checking my writing

Start your story here:
10.00 clock in the morning, summertime my family and I were tramping in the bush. The sun was shining really bright that it hurt my eyes.
Suddenly  I found some paw prints that were very huge they looked like a cat’s pawprints but they were like, five times bigger, so I followed them.

Half an hour later my family left me behind all lost in the bush by myself would I survive?
Suddenly the pawprints stopped they ended at a big tree and there were scratch marks going up to the top of the tree, so I began to climb it wasn’t easy to climb though.
There sitting on the top branch was... a white tiger, my eyes were almost gonna pop out.
I thought white tigers were extinct I tried to be quiet,  until it saw me,it’s face was covered in scars.
Slowly I climbed down from the tree, it followed me and rubbed against my legs when I reached bottom, it bent  down and purred it was like he was telling me to jump on him, so I did,  and he started to walk into the bushes.
He took me to an old shed he gathered some leaves for me to sleep in, and he fell asleep in another bigger pile of leaves, after a while I fell asleep too.
When I woke up he was there with a piece of raw deer in his mouth he wanted me to eat it but I saved it for something special.

After that we went for a little ride in the bushes we went to a river that had a waterfall and he went behind it, behind the waterfall was a whole pride of white tigers, big ones small ones. Soon I started to realize that white tigers aren’t that scary after all. After spending time behind the waterfall we walked back to the old shed again I still had the piece of meat left from lunch.

Then he went hunting again, and when he came back he had another deer in his mouth and I started a fire and cooked the meat.
After that we went to bed.
In the morning it was time to go back to the waterfall to see the family of tigers again. When we came back to the shed we and had a big rest.

A month later my family came back and I had to hide the tigers so I said goodbye and went to go find my family.
A few weeks later we went back to the bush this time I packed a first aid kit and some lunch that will last  for a week.

Slowly I creeped away from my family to spend  one more week with the white tigers again.
I kept the secret all to myself and never ever told anyone not even my best friend, about the whole pride of beautiful White Tigers that I saw with my very own eyes.


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