Friday, June 24, 2016

The Koala and the crocodile

The Koala and the crocodile
One day the Koala was at the watering hole and then a Crocodile came by, the Koala didn’t see the hungry Croc approaching closer and closer to him and then...SNAP! Went the croc but the Croc didn’t EAT the Koala the Koala was stuck between his sharp jaws that were trying to close and eat the frightened little Koala that was trying to open the Croc’s jaws so he could escape.
He was feeling hot and sweaty but he had to think of something to do, maybe he could climb out by distracting the Croc, so he thought he could make a sound that could hurt the Croc’s ears and then he could climb out and walk away.
So he made a noise and the Croc’s ears were very sore and he quickly climbed out and luckily none was hurt and from now on  the Koala wouldn’t go near another Crocodile ever again.
The End.        

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