Friday, June 24, 2016

Sad dogs

Dear Humans
You should go to the pet  shop or the dog pound and buy a sad dog.   It will have a happier home living with you and won’t be so sad anymore because you can play with it and it will learn not to be sad anymore!
There is too many sad dogs just lying around in the same cage every day and not having fun, it's like a jail!
Imagine if you were trapped in jail and not having fun with others and not run around at the park, well that's how I feel, stuffed up in a cage and nobody would adopt me. I’m not even allowed to play outside and do fun things with my friends like you do.
That's how I feel because I am locked up in a cage and not having fun with you.
I don’t want to be feed the same food each day, I want to be free and catch the stick I want someone to talk to someone to play with me!
Why did you lock me up in a cage anyway I haven't done anything wrong, I want to play, I want to travel.
I have had enough of this stinking old cage I want to smell the fresh air, I want to be free.

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